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Group Company Management/ Asset Management (TANACHO HD)

Controlling group companies as well as utilizing company-owned assets to make a contribution to local communities.

Group Company Management take a role in managing the accounting, finance (cash management), business planning, human resource, audit and IT system from the group perspective.

While establishing, maintaining, and developing the efficient management system of the group corporations by region/by function, TANACHO devotes itself to speedy and flexible group restructuring aligned with the recent trend of industry reorganization. In addition, we are committed to making a contribution to the local community by actively engaging in the urban development as well as effectively utilizing the company-owned assets. Some of our buildings are used as building workshop/exhibition center of our glass construction using environmentally friendly and disaster prevention products.
One leading example of that is Nihonbashi Muromachi 3-chome where our headquarters are located. The “Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower” that opened in April 2019 has been redeveloped as an innovative integrated facility that inherits the history of the area while taking into account factors such as the environment, energy efficiency (eco-friendliness), as well as safety and security (disaster and crime prevention).

Housing materials wholesaler

We deal with new development as well as refurbishment/renovation of residential houses, buildings, and business units, including windows, Water works facilities, and exteriors

Windows (glass/sash)

We deal with a wide range of products from all glass manufacturers.
TANACHO can promptly provide the most suitable glass/sash according to the various requirements, such as energy saving function (thermal barrier or heat insulation), disaster prevention, soundproof, wind pressure resistance, as well as anti-crime functions.
TANACHO provides customers, including house builders and major housing companies, with great satisfaction by furnishing warehouse, cutting center, and Window assembly center at each location along with offering our Final window products in response to the customer’s needs. The site of each location is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and our employees with sophisticated work skills. The ability to respond flexibly from branch to branch based on the knowhow developed over the years for the regional characteristics is also one of our advantages.
For sash, we deal with eco sash, such as heat insulated product. As a window expert, TANACHO offers our products to meet each customer’s needs. Constantly striving to learn about the latest product trend, we consult with our customers and address their issues as a window advisor and coordinator.

Water works facilities, interior materials, exteriors, and Solar photovoltaic generation

In addition to windows, we deal with Water works facilities, including kitchen unit, bath equipment, and sink, as well as interior materials including wall materials and doors, exteriors including gate and balcony, and other housing related products, such as gardening tools and solar energy generation.
We provide energy saving, safe and secure, and comfortable products with our sophisticated line of products and solid work technique in response to all needs of our customers all needs related to the housing space. We offer comprehensive advice and service for the windows, Water works facilities, and doors and wall materials from design, functionality, and financial point of view, and our services have been highly evaluated by many of our clients.

Energy saving : Highly insulated bathtub, water efficiency toilet, high efficiency water heater, solar energy generation system, as well as upgrading exterior walls, roofs, ceilings, and floor heat insulation
Security and safety : Door lock, kitchen gas leak sensor, etc.
Comfortable : Providing open and relaxing living space by using clean and functional materials for the walls, floors, and plumbing and other water section

Resin products

In case a customer desires not to use glass or glass cannot be used for opening sections, TANACHO can offer the most suitable solution with resin products using acrylic resin, chloroethylene, and polycarbonate as raw materials, which are safe, light weight and highly transparent just as glass.The resin products are widely used in many areas including buildings, residential houses, and even high-tech area such as semiconductor.
TANACHO has extensive experience and knowhow for dealing with resin products that have been accumulated in many years of business operation in this particular field as well.

Glass/sash glazing

Comprehensive producing business for building/residential opening sections

We will respond to the professional work of the opening of any building, dwelling from skyscraper apartment, until the individual housing facility.

Not only installing window glass/sash (for new constructions and refurbishment), TANACHO also installs their equipment facilities. TANACHO is a long-established business when it comes to glass work since right after the World War II when our first full-scale building construction started.
Roppongi Hills (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Mode Gakuen (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), CORED Nihonbashi, CORED Muromachi, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), JR Hakata Station (Fukuoka-shi), Kyushu National Museum (Fukuoka-shi), and cruise ship “Diamond Princess” (Nagasaki-shi) are among the works that TANACHO has produced in the past mainly in the Kanto and the Kyushu areas.

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